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Pioneers for Change

Reimagine | Redesign | Reskill

Socially turbulent times, such as the ones we face today, call for passionate innovators and responsible changemakers. Thinkers and doers who have a thirst for knowledge, a desire to invest in themselves and are committed to building a better world. If that sounds like you, then join Pioneers for Change, an interdisciplinary learning community that shares knowledge in a contemporary way, trains 21st-century skills, and boosts and facilitates dialogues about societal challenges.
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Pioneer sessions, vol. 2

A series of interactive webinars with thought-provoking pioneers who raise the important questions of our time. Deepen your knowledge, learn new skills and meet like-minded changemakers. 


Pioneer sessions

Energetic 90-minute sessions with original thinkers who are working to find innovative solutions for today's critical societal challenges. Or with guests that are expert in the top skills needed to create positive change. These pioneer sessons are intensive, will bring you new insights and make you think deeper. Let yourself be inspired, open yourself to new encounters and see things from a fresh perspective.  

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the pioneer
in you


Join the community

There's no doubt we can make a difference! Join the Netherlands' first learning community for pioneers. Connect with like-minded top-notch thinkers and doers to look at the major societal challenges of our time from different perspectives. Invest in your professional and personal development to create and generate positive change. 

Why join?

  • Future-proof yourself with the interdisciplinary inspirational sesssions and educational programmes;

  • Deepen and broaden your general knowledge, which will help you learn how to connect the dots better;

  • Learn about megatrends and major societal challenges;

  • Train your adaptability and ability to look at existing structures in a new way; 

  • Become familiar with methods and tools that will help you adapt to any disruption or change that comes your way. 

As a Pioneer for Change community member you will develop the 21st-century skills necessary to give direction to a world that is more balanced: socially, economically and ecologically.

Unleash the pioneer in you!

Stay informed

The best stories every two weeks about the impact of technology, the transition to a sustainable economy and system change. And about how we cna make a difference with imagination, creativity, resilience, adaptability and critical thinking.

Let's reimagine the way we work, live and learn together!

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Never believe

a few caring people

can't change the world

for indeed, 

that's all who ever have

- Margaret Mead

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